Domain has usage term, but you can renew it without limit, this function supports easy bulk renewal, renewal won’t take effect immediately, please just wait our system automatically process it.
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Renewal Processes
  • Usually renewal completed within 1 day if your domain registrar is the site, if your domain registrar isn’t the site, we will transfer it in the site, usually completed within 7 days.
  • You are unable to renew if your domain expired more than 15 days, it will enter deletion period.
  • You are unable to apply refund once the domain name has been renewed successfully, please proceed carefully and we will refund the renewal amount to you if the renewal fails.
  • After submitting renewal, we will transfer your domain in the site if your domain registrar is not here. According to restriction of registry, you can not apply to transfer out within 60 days after the successful renewal, please understand it!
  • According to the registry, the maximum renewal period for the same domain name cannot exceed 10 years.
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