Backorder And Dropcatch

Warm Tips

1.The domain name dropcatch price includes domain registration fee. After successfully dropcatch, the domain name will be transferred to you as soon as possible.

2.We use different registrar interfaces to dropcatch for you based on the success rate you choose. As each registrar has different prices, the success rate is also different.

Please enter domain, one per line, such as:
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Backorder Processes
Domain Backorder Rules

1.After you submit domain backorder and pay the deposit, The site will submit this order to corresponding registrar, and the dropcatch result is subject to result displayed on the site.

2.If domain name you backordered is only backordered by you, after successfully dropcatch, you will directly win bid without auction. If there are multiple people backorder the same domain name with same backorder price, after successfully dropcatch, an auction is required, and highest bidder will win auction.

3.If dropcatch failed, system will automatically refund your backorder deposit.

4.If successfully dropcatch, you only need to pay the corresponding dropcatch price without paying other fees (domain name dropcatch price includes domain registration fee, and most domain names can be directly resolved and used after successfully dropcatch).


1.Once you backorder, it cannot be canceled, please consider carefully before backorder domain.

2.Deadline for domain name backorder: 24:00 on the day of domain name deletion, please backorder domain before 22:30 to avoid failure due to network problems and loss of your preferred domain.

3.Once you win auction, please make up the balance within 3 days (domain dropcatch fee). Otherwise, it will be deemed as breach of contract and your paid deposit will not be refunded. At the same time, we have the right to take back the breached domain, limit or block your account, publicly auction your domain name and other disposal measures.

4.The site does not bear all economic and legal responsibilities caused by domain name dropcatch.

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