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Reseller Advantages

Earnings Details

  • Registration+1  $1 Earn $1 for each domain name registered
  • Renewal+1  $1 Earn $1 for each domain name renewed
  • Transfer in+1  $1 Earn $1 for each domain name transferred in
  • PUSH in External Domain+1  $0.5 Earn $0.5 for each external domain name PUSH in
  • Purchase 'Buy It Now' Domain+1  2% Buying a 'Buy It Now' domain will get earnings of 2% order amount, minimum $0.2
  • Push With Price+1  1% One trade in 'Push With Price' will get earnings of 1% order amount, minimum $1
  • Subordinate User Upgrades to Reselle+1  $200 Earn $200 when a subordinate user becomes reseller

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