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Please read the following content thoroughly before clicking the 'Report' button.

The complainant (hereinafter referred to as "I"/"we") solemnly declares that the complaints submitted through the Online Reporting System of Abuse Domain(hereinafter referred to as”Online Reporting System” ) are true and valid and have been verified by me/us. In case of any lawsuit, claim or claim arising from the untrue complaint, I/we shall bear all legal and economic responsibilities by myself/ourselves.

I/we solemnly declare that I/we will not use the Online Reporting System to make malicious complaints, otherwise all losses caused by it will be borne by me / us.

I/we solemnly declare that all the supporting documents submitted through the Online Reporting System are true and valid. If there is any inaccuracy, I/we are willing to be punished for perjury.

I/we understand and acknowledge that GNAME, as ICANN accredited registrar and domain registrants are bound by the UDRP. No policy in the Online Reporting System can supersede the UDRP or relieve GNAME and domain registrants of their obligation to comply with the UDRP.

I/we understand and acknowledge that any information obtained by GNAME during the investigation is strictly confidential and will only be shared with Registrars and Registrants.

I/we understand and acknowledge that clicking "I have read and agree to the Declaration" means that I/We agree to accept the entire contents of this Declaration, and this Declaration will have legal effect between me/us and GNAME , which becomes the legal document binding on both parties.