Achieve business growth through a clear division of labor, real benefits, and a long-term and stable development strategy.

Why choose GNAME partners

  • Global Ecosystem

    Leverage GNAME's open global ecosystem resources to help you quickly expand your market, cooperate with GNAME to achieve win-win results, and achieve sustainable business development.

  • Resource Sharing

    GNAME has rich domain resource, technology and service advantages, joint market promotion, to help partners expand the market.

  • Massive API Resources

    Open, secure and reliable, powerful and easy to integrate API interfaces, easy to achieve rapid integration with your platform.

  • Professional Technical Support

    You will receive professional technical support from the GNAME team, with rich industry experience and customized solutions to create your own unique advantages.

Resell resources through the GNAME platform (Reseller partners)

  • Resell pre-released domains

    Resell pre-released domains on GNAME. GNAME has a large number of customers booking every day. If you have domains to release, you can cooperate with us to enjoy super high commissions, achieve win-win results and achieve sustainable business development.

  • Resell fixed-price domains

    Resell fixed-price domains on GNAME. GNAME has a good market reputation and reliability in the industry, and provides a variety of operation protection verification to ensure the security of domain sales. Attract many buyers to purchase and increase domain trading volume.

  • Registrar/Registry Promotion

    GNAME actively seeks cooperation with major registrars/registries. If you have related promotional activities, GNAME has a large user base that can help you quickly complete your quarterly goals and achieve win-win results.

Access GNAME platform resource distribution (Distribution partners)

  • Access pre-released domains

    You can access GNAME's massive pre-released domain data to your website/platform for resale through API.

  • Access fixed-price domains

    You can access GNAME's rich fixed-price domain data through API, support the purchase of multiple domain suffixes, and the price is reasonable.

  • Access cloud product resources

    GNAME launches website protection, cloud servers, SSL certificates, enterprise mailboxes, etc. to provide partners with competitive cloud products.

  • Create an independent brand

    GNAME provides dealers with multi-faceted resource advantages to save money + make money, and jointly expand thedomain industry market.

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Partner Application Process

  • 1

    Select the type of cooperation

    Depending on the type of business you have, choose to join one or more development programs

  • 2

    Add your contact details

    Register an account in GNAME, conduct preliminary communication, and understand the needs and intentions of cooperation

  • 3

    Business Communication

    Build your unique products and services based on the resources and support we provide

  • 4


    Work with us to provide our customers with innovative solutions and gain more market opportunities