Backorder And Dropcatch

Helpful Tips

1.The prices of all dropcatch domain include the registration fees. After a succesful dropcatch, the domain name will be transferred to you as soon as posible.

2.The succes rate for drop catching domain varies according to registrar interfaces. Different channels for drop catching have different succes rate that varies the cost.

Enter the domains, one domain per line as below:
Conveniently record the domain characteristics when placing a backorder.
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Backorder Procedures
Domain Backorder Rules

1.After you've placed a domain backorder and paid for the deposit, the website will send this order to the corresponding registrar, and the drop-catch result will be shown exactly the same on the site's displayed result.

2.If the domain name you have backordered is exclusively reserved by you, upon successful dropcatching, you will automatically secure the bid without the need for an auction. However, if multiple individuals have backordered the same domain name at the identical backorder price, an auction will be initiated after successful dropcatching, and the individual with the highest bid will emerge as the auction winner.

3.However if the dropcatch showed as it failed, the deposit will be refunded back to your account automatically.

4.If a dropcatch is succesful, you only need to pay the corresponding dropcatch price without any additional fees (the domain name dropcatch price includes the domain registration fee, and most domain names can be used directly after a succesful dropcatch).

Important Notes

1.Backorders are not eligible for cancellation once placed; please consider carefully before the placing an orders.

2.The deadline for domain name backorders is 24:00 on the day of domain name deletion. To avoid network issues and lost of your preferred domain,please backorder the domain before 22:30 on that day.

3.If you win the auction, please settle the outstanding within 3 days (for the domain dropcatch fee). Otherwise, it will be considered a breach of contract, and your deposit will not be refunded. Additionally, we reserve the right to take back the breached domain, restricted or blocked your account, publicly auction your domain name, and take other necesary actions.

4.The website is not liable for any economic or legal isues arising from domain name dropcatch.

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