Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk Backorder Processes

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I. Filter Domain

Open ‘Dropcatch and enter the Expired Domain Query list, select the domain according to your requirements, and then go to the bottom left of the page, click Bulk Backorder to enter the next step.

II. Submit Bulk Backorder

1. Confirm your submitted domains are correct, and go to the backorder channel selection page.

2. After selecting the backorder channel, when you click ‘Backorder Now, the system will automatically pop up the channel information description [including the channel fee, frozen deposit, and dropcatch rules], click Confirm’ to enter the next step.

3. The system will check and divide submitted domains into ‘Available and Unavailable’, then click Check all for all available domains and click Bulk backorder, you will enter the final payment page.

III. Payment

Check all information in the payment page, then check ‘I have read and agree to Domain Name Backorder&Auction Service Agreement and have read Backorder Channel Guidance’, and click ‘Pay Now’. (This fee is backorder deposit, the deposit will only be frozen but not deducted).

IV. Backorder Result

After payment, you only need to wait for the backorder result. Generally, the result will be updated in the morning of the next day of the domain deletion date.

V. Attentions

1. Backorder Deposit

a. When backorder a domain name, a part of your funds need to be frozen as the backorder deposit. Deposit amount is determined by your selected backorder channel, the deposit will only be frozen but not deducted.

b. If dropcatch won, the deposit will be deducted as part of the domain fee. If dropcatch lost, the deposit will unfreeze to be your account available balance, and you can use it at any time.

c. ‘free backorder domains dont need to freeze backorder deposit, but it does not mean that this domain name is free after you won it.

2. Domain Backorder Channel

a. The system uses different registrar interfaces to dropcatch domain based on your selected channel. As the price, frozen deposit and supported extensions of each channel is different, so the dropcatch interface quantity and success rate are also different.

b. If you need to modify your backorder channel, you can only upgrade it but not degrade, please confirm your selected channel.

3. Deadline for domain name backorder: 24:00 on the day of domain name deletion, please backorder domain before 22:30 to avoid failure due to network problems and loss of your preferred domain.

4. Once you backorder, it cannot be canceled, please consider carefully before backorder domain.