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How to set operation protection?

Updated Time:2020-07-28  Views:44069

Operation protection is a protective measure for the account security, and safeguards your funds and domain. When you PUSH, transfer out, transfer in, submit ticket, etc. You are required to remove operation protection. There are three kinds of verification methods: mobile verification, email verification, and secure question verification, the email verification set as default, please set your mobile number and secure question verification if needed.

I. Set Security Mobile 

1. Click [Control Panel] - [Security Center] - [Security Mobile] to enter the page of binding mobile phone;

2. In the page of  security mobile, fill in your mobile number to get the mobile verification code and submit for binding;

3. Bind security mobile successfully.

II. Set Security Email

Your bound email default as security email and does not require authentication.

III. Set Security Question

1. Click [Control Panel] - [Security Center] - [Security Question] to enter the page of security authentication;

2. Select or enter your security questions, and enter corresponding answers, click on bind;

3. Bind successfully.

IV. Set Security Settings Options

After above three verification methods are enabled, you can set your operation protection options in [Control Panel]---[Security Center]---[Security Settings], and for your account safety, at least one verification item should be enabled, default as email verification.

Warm Tip: System default operation protection is enabled, and email verification set as default. You need to remove operation protection status when you bind security mobile, security question and change operation protection verification method.