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Announcement Regarding Recent New Features and Feature Enhancements on Our Platform

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Dear Users,
First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for your steadfast support and trust in Gname. It is with your companionship that Gname can continue to advance and provide users with better services.
In order to bring you a more outstanding user experience, we have recently implemented some updates and optimizations to the Gname platform. Below are the details of the new features and optimizations:

  • New Features:

1、Offline Auction Feature

To provide greater convenience for reseller accounts and to avoid staying up late for auction, we have launched a new feature: "Offline Auction." For instructions on how to set up offline auction,
Please refer to the following link:

2、Premium Domain Registration

Visit the "Domain Registration" section on the homepage and select "Premium Domain Name Registration" to access a collection of premium suffixes such as .shop and .me. We will continue to update with more premium suffixes and domains in the future. 
Visit the premium domain registration page here:

  • Feature Enhancements:

1、Upgrade of VPS Hosting in Singapore

We have upgraded our VPS Hosting in Singapore, greatly enhancing stability, security, and default configuration with 5M premium lines. To purchase VPS Hosting in the Singapore region, visit the platform homepage, click on "Cloud Products" > "VPS Hosting" > "Buy Now," and select the "Singapore" region.
Visit the specific purchase page here:

2、Domain resolution enhancements added options to delete by host record、delete by record type

Log in to the platform's control panel, go to "Domain Management" > "Bulk Operation" > "Bulk Domain Resolution" > "Bulk Delete Resolution Records" to configure.
a.Deleting all records: Delete all records refers to deleting all the records of the domains in the domain list.
b.Delete by host record: Delete domain records with the same host in the domain list (no distinction between record types).
c.Delete by record type: Delete domain records with the same record type in the domain list.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is available to help you at any time.

May 13, 2024