Through the establishment of an SSL secure channel security protocol between the client browser and the Web server. The security protocol is mainly used to confirm the authenticity of the website (website identity authentication) and ensure the confidentiality of information transmission.

Prove to visitors that your website is trustworthy

Certificate Type
Certificate Brand
Product Type
Best suited for
Security Level
HTTPS data
Padlock in
address bar
Certificate enterprise
name display
Issuing Cycle
Browser enterprise
name display
Malicious code
Applicant Provided
Audit Level
Extended Validation
It is suitable for institutions and organizations with higher security requirements such as finance, insurance, and banks.
Up to $1.75 million
Domain、Business license、Bank account certificate

GeoTrust EV

from $507.45/ yr.

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Organization Validation
It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with higher requirements for data security.
Up to $1.75 million
Domain、Business license

GeoTrust OV

from $281.40/ yr.

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Domain Validation
It is suitable for personal websites and enterprise testing.
Up to $500 thousand

GeoTrust DV

from $200.70/ yr.

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Basic Version
It is suitable for personal websites and enterprise testing.
Up to $50 thousand

Sectigo DV

from $24.50/ yr.

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SSL certificate application process

  • Purchase Certificate
    In the SSL certificate management platform, purchase the corresponding certificate.
  • Apply Certificate
    Bind the domain name for the certificate, fill in the details of the applicant and submit it for review.
  • Verify Domain
    Verify domain name ownership through DNS verification, mailbox verification and file verification.
  • Verify Organization
    CA authority sends an organization verification email to confirm certificate application (required for OV, EV).
  • Issue Certificate
    CA authority will issue the certificate after examination and approval, then you can download, and installation.

Why use an SSL certificate?

  • Encrypted Data
    Protect website visitors' private information from eavesdropping, hijacking, stealing, and even tampering.
  • Security Symbols
    The 'lock' icon in the header of the address bar increases user confidence trust and eliminates browser 'insecurity' warnings.
  • Page Speedup
    It can effectively improve the speed of opening web pages and
  • Meeting Compliance
    SSL is a key component of PCI compliance.
  • Identity Authentication
    Verifies the authenticity of websites and prevents phishing.
  • Optimize Rankings
    Raise search ranking and brings more visits.
  • Prevent Tampering
    Prevent data from being tampered with during transmission and protect the user experience.
  • Enhance Image
    It helps companies to get a better user experience and enhance brand image.

SSL certificate application scenarios

  • Government Information Security
    Credibility is the most important feature of the government affairs platform, but more and more phishing, fraudulent websites, and information hijacking methods, which bring serious threats to the information security of government affairs platforms. Enabling SSL with authoritative certification can maximize information security and website credibility.
  • Apple APP/Applet
    To protect user data security, at the beginning of the launch of the applet, it was mandatory for the applet server must use HTTPS encryption protocol. Apple is forcing all iOS App to use HTTPS encryption in 2017, and the Apple Store App using HTTP transmission will no longer be downloaded and used by users.
  • Payment System Encryption
    The payment process is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the security threat to users. It is very easy to become an important target of information hijacking and disguise fraud for unlawful users. Therefore, the HTTPS information transmission encryption of payment link of the website has become the standard for major websites.
  • Important Emails
    An SSL certificate ensures that the email is sent to the only recipient who can decrypt and read it. The recipient can also ensure that the email has not been tampered with in any way.
  • Enterprise Website Stability
    Enable site-wide HTTPS security encryption for corporate websites to activate the Green Security logo (DV/OV) or enterprise name logo (EV) in the address bar to bring potential customers a more credible and secure visiting experience. It greatly enhances corporate integrity and user trust and effectively improves the order rate.
  • API Interface Security
    API interface is an important form of information interaction for third-party websites because most of them involve the transmission of sensitive information or important operation instructions, so their security is critical. The use of SSL certificate for high-strength encryption of information transmission can effectively prevent information hijacking.

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