External Domain Push means that you PUSH your domain to Gname's designated account in current registrar, then your domain will be added to your account at Gname.com, after that you are able to manage and sell your domain in Gname.com.


account:Your registrar account

External Domain Push Processes
External Push Attentions:
  • Please don’t click on ‘transfer lock’ when apply to PUSH, otherwise, you won’t able to make transaction or transfer out.(Subject to registrar restrictions)。
  • Please be sure to check Gname's designated account in corresponding registrar, do not PUSH your domain in other account, in case causing unnecessary loss.
  • Your PUSH in domain list must be consistent with your PUSH domain list, otherwise, you will failed to PUSH your domain in Gname.
  • You need to confirm your PUSH in domains are managed and used legally, and you will bear the legal consequences of all actions.
Latest External Push News
  • ID1*** Push in:xsyd****.com
  • ID4*** Push in:mfd****.com
  • ID4*** Push in:***.tv
  • ID4*** Push in:luxuriouslooksma****.com
  • ID4*** Push in:well****.com
  • ID2*** Push in:ztfyq****.com
  • ID4*** Push in:ho****.com
  • ID2*** Push in:tonggua****.com
  • ID3*** Push in:****.com
  • ID4*** Push in:00****.com
  • ID3*** Push in:****.net
  • ID1*** Push in:**.com
  • ID2*** Push in:bs****.cc
  • ID1*** Push in:***.tv
  • ID1*** Push in:***.tv
  • ID1*** Push in:***.tv
  • ID1*** Push in:***.tv
  • ID3*** Push in:bif****.top
  • ID3*** Push in:92****.com
  • ID3*** Push in:liv****.com

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