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Gname brings resellers discount price and strong profit margin, resellers not only get profits but also enjoy discount, Gname explores domain market with you.


Earnings Details: 

1. Earn $1 for each domain name registered.

2. Earn $1 for each domain name renewed.

3. Earn $1 for each domain name transferred in.

4. Earn $0.5 for each external domain push.

5. Earn $200 when subordinate user become reseller.

6. Earn 2% of order amount when purchasing domain in Buy It Now, minimum $0.2.

7. Earn 1% of order amount when trading in Push With Price, minimum $1.

8. Each auction won domain, you could earn 60% of the auction won price minus the external bid.

9. If your sub-ordinate user auction won a domain, you could earn 40% of the auction won price minus the external bid.

10. If you break into an domain auction but auction lost, you could earn $3.

11. Delete, gname-pre deletion type get the rebate after winning the domain (only for com, net extension)

Channel 2 $2
Channel 3 $1
Channel 4 $1
Channel 5 $1

12. Please wait to more...

Exclusive Privileges:

1. With Gname sub-account management system, you are able to make personalized settings of your teammates usage rights.

2. Gname has reliable、powerful、easily integrated API for free, it’s easy to integrate your platform with Gname quickly.

3. Gname supports exclusive promotion link and promotion management tool, and you are able to promote your exclusive content quickly.

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