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Announcement of website daily function update

Release Time:2023-12-22  Views:2154

Dear Users,

To address issues faced by distributor users, such as the inability to set up Mandarin and English promotional links and difficulties in configuring encryption settings after purchasing SSL certificates, GNAME has implemented upgrades to the following functionalities:

1.Reseller users can now set up Mandarin and English promotional links.

Operating steps: [Management Center] - [Reseller] - [Subordinate Users] - [Promotion Link], where you can set up English promotional links.

2. SSL certificates can now have specified encryption bit lengths.

During the application, renewal, or additional configuration of SSL certificates, users now have the choice to select the encryption bit length. The default setting is 2048, and users can alternatively choose between 1024 and 4096 (higher bit lengths enhance security but may compromise compatibility). In general, opting for the default recommendation is advisable in typical scenarios.

We appreciate everyone's continued support for Gname, and Gname will persist in its efforts to provide you with even higher quality and more user-friendly products.

December 22, 2023