Offline registration refers to submitting the domain name for registration at a specified time。
Please enter domain, one per line, such as:

Registration Type:

Registration time: The time you will register the domain name

Notes for offline registration:

1. Your selected registration time cannot less than 3 minutes away from the current time. After the task is submitted, system will automatically execute the registration and only execute it once.
2. Offline registration tasks can only be submitted once a day, and you can resubmit a new task after the last is complete.
3. Submission limit for a single offline registration task is 10,000 domain.
4. If your account balance or your coupon is insufficient, the registration will fail. Please make sure that your account has enough balance or coupons.
5. After offline registration task is successfully submitted, only the status ‘pending’ supports cancellation and suspension, and other statuses do not support cancellation.

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