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Shop Service Agreement

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Thank you for choosing GNAME Shop Service. Please read the following Shop Service Agreement carefully. You must agree to the following terms of service before you can enter the shop opening and trading process.
You agree that this shop Services Agreement is legally binding on you.

1. Definition
1.1. Seller: refers to the individual or enterprise that has registered an account on this site and wants to open a shop to sell domain names on this site, which is more referred to as "you" in this agreement.
1.2. Domain name: The domain name in this agreement refers to the domain name managed on this site.
1.3. Sell the domain name: After the seller opens the shop, the domain name that will manage in this website is released on the shelf to sell.
1.4. Technical service fees: fees incurred for providing necessary technical services to ensure the normal operation of online transactions.

2. Steps to open a shop
Step 1: Register an account on this site;
Step 2: Account recharge (Note: the first opening shop does not need to recharge, after the closure of the re-opening need to recharge the corresponding amount of service fees);
Step 3: Enter the control panel-seller-My shop settings-Fill in the shop name, announcement and other information, click on the activate again.

3.Fees and payment
3.1 The Seller will not charge the technical service fee for opening the shop for the first time, and will charge the technical service fee of $100 for opening the shop again after closing.
3.2 The fee is deducted directly from the balance of the seller's account in this site.
Special tips: shop service fees are non-refundable once deducted.

4. Rules of use
4.1. You understand and know that your behavior of opening a shop to sell the domain name strictly complies with the relevant laws and regulations of the country where the operation subject of this site belongs;Not in the shop profile and domain name profile by adding any illegal keywords, such as found that the site has the right to block shops, technical services have been deducted fees will not be refunded.
4.2. You understand and know that your contact information can be indicated in your shop, but your private contact information can not be indicated in any form in the profile information of the domain name for sale. Once we find that we have the right to block the shop, the deducted technical fees will not be refunded.
4.3. All domain names listed for sale must be domain names managed on the Site. If the domain name is not managed by this website, the seller should transfer the domain name to this website for sale. We will charge a 6% handling fee if the domain name is successfully sold.
4.4. At present, only one-price domain name transactions can be issued.
4.5. If the domain name is successfully released, you can view the sale status in the domain name being sold. If the seller later want to modify the price or temporarily do not sell this domain name, but also here to modify the operation or under the shelf processing.
4.6. Domain names that are not for sale temporarily can be removed from the shelves, and can be sold on the shelves at any time after removal. If you choose to delete the domain name, you cannot publish it again for 5 days.

If you have any comments or suggestions on this agreement or this service, please contact our customer service center, we will give you the necessary help.

You once again ensure that you have fully read and fully understand the terms of service, fill in strictly according to the requirements and voluntarily apply for the opening of the shop, and accept the constraints of all the above terms.